Having grown up in the neighbourhood of Malleshwaram, Archana Prasad, the artist, has been grappling with the fast disappearing narratives and places that bind the neighbourhood together.

Stories of the past that connect people and places, carry a sense of allure and bring us a much needed notion of continuity, of being part of a larger whole. This feeling of belonging, results perhaps in a certain civic pride that Bangalore, with her buckling infrastructure and torn sense of self, needs most from her people. Archana’s concern for the growth and preservation of the neighbourhood translates into the desire to capture, document and present these voices and secrets from the past, in unexpected ways to the public.

Artistic Concept:
Phone booths are an anachronism. They are lonely figures, no longer relevant to a wireless, mobile world. Holding inside them stories and conversations of the past, can they become capsules that transport people to an otherwise traceless time gone by? Transporting the new immigrant, the IISc scholar, the Canara Bank Clerk and even the occasional privileged mall rat, back in time through the voices of neighbours spilling secrets of the buildings, trees and people that made the spaces they now live, study, visit and work in. More >>