Doodles and Deconstructions

Its an unsettling process. Asking people who are in their 80’s to talk about their past…as if to underline by our desire to capture their experiences, their fragile mortality.

Having a child has had a similar effect on me – in that I realize that my role is to be a “good” memory to him, and that my gambit for immortality rests in his future.

Past, present and future seem to expand and contract in this memory-scape. And as this project comes alive, as we dig deeper and deeper into peoples thoughts, my own experiences with life fade and emerge, dilate and contract.

I met a close friend yesterday. He took me through his creative process of capturing a moment in time poetically. Then breaking it down to trite, matter-of-fact words;  further then into report-style prose. Extracting at long last from this jumble of text – words and sentences that captured true nuances which he used to reconstruct and re-make his artwork. This time without the veil of flourish and flamboyance. Just the simple, straight line – naked and exposed.

Doodles and deconstructions. Reconstructions and refinements. Towards something that can stand the test of time…capture memories, remove the flourishes and drama, arrive at the refined moment – and then we might have something to offer the world.

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