Under the Yashwanthpuram Flyover


View through the Phone Booth – WIP

Why is this image of an old phone booth under a flyover (UFO) so deeply embedded in my head.

Bright red. Blood red. Exposed. Contained. An open wound. A slit on the wrist of this giant hand that has placed itself amidst the microcosm of daily human life.

The UFO is an alien structure. The physical manifestation of powers that are too large to comprehend. Of motions and action that we cannot control.

The Phone Booth is a tribute to that human desire for connection. Communication. A way to reach out of our own bodies and minds to someone we love, someone we desire.

This is the way I see Malleshwaram, confused, torn by urbanization,  reaching out to her past to understand, remember, rediscover herself. Symbolically placing her desire and wound under the very emblem of that which has disrupted and forced change, for better and worse.

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  1. I was born in 1953 at KC General Hospital. I left to come to the US in 1978, and I visit every year. I live on 5th Main Road, between 8th and 9th Cross, in Malleswaram. When I was growing up, we knew each and every one who lived on our street, and the community was very very friendly and accommodating. A walk to IIsc and Jewel Filters was always a very pleasant experience. Visiting Rama Mandira for concerts and lectures from disciples were enchanting. I used to visit all temples including Ganesha Temple on 9th Cross, Krishna Temple on 11th Cross, Saibaba temple on Sampige Road, to name a few, on all days when we had final exams. When they built a first theater in Malleswaram on Link Road (Geethanjali – no more now), we were all very happy to go late night shows which started at 9:30 PM. So much nostalgia and memories about Malleswaram, by comparing what is there today versus 1960, it is unimaginable. My heartfelt congratulations to all of you who has made by day by creating Malleshwaram Calling.

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