Archeology. Neighbourhood. Public Art

The team is working like a well-oiled machine. All of the last weeks’ work, brainstorming, research and careful documentation,  is beginning to see the light of day.

Its almost like magic. For the first time, I’m not trying to do everything myself, but rather work closely with the core team to build something together.

The project is so much the better for it. Things have to be methodical, multiple viewpoints and critique need to be taken, negotiated, assimilated. Our strengths build onto each other. Our weaknesses, get addressed sooner rather than later. Process has been critical – to bring everyone onto the same page, we all have had to become better at mapping our minds and articulating it.

I can’t wait for the magic to unfold for the public this Friday. So much of love has gone into this project! Much of the project is experimental. The main hypothesis: People are more likely to develop civic pride if they know about the heritage of their neighbourhood, is what we are trying to test.

Is the phone booth in fact an accessible means to this end? How do we measure this?

I know this for certain – this is a topic and a neighbourhood that I have only just gotten started with. I feel an excitement that I have rarely felt off-late. The kind of excitement that an archeologist feels when they have stumbled into a lead worth pursuing.

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